The best free way to track your Precious Metals Portfolio

What is MetalQuick?

Portfolio Tracker Screen ShotMetalQuick is the best way to track your precious metals portfolio. 

MetalQuick is the first (and best) system ever created to help you monitor your precious metals portfolio. All other types of investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, 401k's, IRA's, SEP's, and even savings accounts!) have tools that let you monitor your investment portfolio except precious metals...we’re changing that.

Just like you, we are precious metal investors. This is why MetalQuick was created, because we wanted the edge in monitoring and decision making. And now, you have the edge too.

Many people think they know how they're precious metals portfolio is doing; but when you really drill down to the analytics you might be surprised. Whether that's a good surprise or bad surprise, at least you know where you stand and can make the proper decisions in light of the raw performance data.

Before now, there has been no way to manage your Gold and Silver investment portfolio in depth. Finally there is a system to track, monitor and manage your precious metals holdings. 

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